Last Updated On:04/10/2023   
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Prof. V.S.S. Kumar, Chairman BoG

In the quest of knowledge and with a mission to empower the technical teachers in their becoming excellent human resources and to contribute meaningfully to the Nation and the human society, National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Chennai has acquired the status of one of the premier technological institutions of India, for training the technical teachers from engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges. It also offers post graduate programmes in the field of Education Technology, and Human Resources Management in the line of the Nation’s pursuit for regaining its position in a greater domain of advancement of the human society.Institute is also Ph.D. Programme in the areas of Engineering, Educational Technology, Educational Management, Engineering Education etc. It is also planned to offer additional Masters programmes to tap the potential of students in interdisciplinary area.

NITTTR has a rich tradition of pursuing academic excellence, value based education and providing a conducive environment for overall development of the Institute. In addition to their excellent teaching, the faculty members are actively involved in research and consultancy. A large number of research and consultancy projects have been undertaken, several of them being of National & Global importance. The academic programmes offered by NITTTR, Chennai are comprehensive and are continuously being updated to keep pace with latest developments and innovations in associated disciplines with necessary blend of IT and management. Newer programs especially at postgraduate level are planned to be added in accordance with academic needs and industry requirements. It is also undertaking various projects for uplift of community, especially the rural community in the area of sustainable development, environmental management, IT enabled rural development etc.

We are looking forward for the teachers and students from India and abroad, who can utilize our high standard of teaching-learning services offered by well qualified teachers with ‘Educational Technology approach’, using state-of-the-art audiovisual aids and Internet/Intranet. Our objectives is to create a breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic teaching professionals for engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges, the service industry, for self-employment and for academic & research institutions of national importance.

Also, the alumni of the institute, in India and abroad, who got trained in our Institute or graduated from our Institute, have brought laurels to the Institute. We consider our alumni to be a very important part and parcel of the institute in its journey towards excellence, and eagerly look forward to their valued feedback and suggestions.

A matter with motion and a human with emotion can destroy, but at the same time, they and only they create when controlled. We strongly believe in human values and our commitment to the Nation and human society. Accordingly, our teaching-learning process is based on motivating factors, discipline, although in conducive relaxed natural ambience. We have created a secured, congenial and serene environment for teachers and students who want to make it their coveted educational destination. And we are only in the process of further development.