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To Support Technical Education through training and transforming curriculum to make desired changes of the Society.



Interact with Industries and develop Technical Education as per the changing needs of the Industry


Develop Training Modules for Online courses using Open source software.


Setup Open distance learning facility for online courses.


Develop a Centre of Excellence for one Technical area like Centre of Excellence for Design and Analysis.



Computer laboratory.


Audio video equipment with Interactive projector.




Rooms for trainees and guests.


Solar water heating system.


Rain water harvesting.



After having implemented OBE for the past four years, the state government has realized the need for combining theory and practice into one single course in all semesters. In the curriculum revision, which started from January 2020 ECB, proposes to help the state to integrate the courses. With the cooperation of state DTE, the ECB will attempt to modify the assessment giving more weightage for internal assessment as practical are merging into theory. The ECB would extend the OBE experience to the other sectors in implementing LMS and allied components of OBE. To consolidate the experience of OBE, ECB would like to organize a conference on various ways of implementing OBE by inviting papers from various faculty who are in the field and consolidate into the book for the larger use of faculty in the country. ECB is planning to set up a centre of excellence in Modelling, Analysis and Additive manufacturing so that the facility can be used for training as well as implementing projects.



The Extension Centre, Bangalore is planning to have a modular graduate programme for working professionals with diploma qualification. The ECB would like to offer more modular P.G. Programmes for the benefit of technical teachers in the state. The ECB would like to take up an R & D project with co-operating institutes for trying out internal assessment as per the OBE demands both at diploma and graduate engineering. For the wider use of the experience the assessment project can be consolidated and published. ECB is planning to develop training modules for online courses using open source software. ECB proposes to gear towards Conceive Design Implement and Operate (CDIO) curriculum process for Engineering Colleges.

International Training Programme


Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Training.


Design of Educational Applications using Web technologies.

Curricula Developed


Continuously Involved in Developing Curriculum for the Polytechnic colleges of Southern States through Directorate Technical Education of Southern states.


Involved in Developing Curriculum for the B.E, Computer Science and Engineering / Information Technology of Anna University and Autonomous Institutions

Instructional Materials Developed

Web design using Joomla Framework
Software Engineering
Data Analytics using R
Python Programming
C programming
Data Communication and Networking
ASP .Net
Core Java and Java EE
Web Technologies
Lab manual for Computer Networking and Hardware
Computer Laboratory
Hardware and Networking Lab


Our Department is maintaining the campus networking, servers and desktops of entire campus. Our department is fully equipped with hardware and software trouble shooting tools. In addition, we have specialized software called Network Management System and accessories for Network trouble shooting.


Mr.V.Sivakumar B.E., M.E., Associate Professor