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Centre for Rural and Entrepreneurship Development


Majority of rural people and those living in slums require assistance in adopting appropriate technology for enhancing their productivity and standard of living. NITTTR established Centre for Rural Development in the year 1979 to evolve a vast network which can help in adoption of appropriate technologies among the rural people and slum dwellers. Later, realizing the need for rural entrepreneurship to enhance the quality of rural life and to work on that the Centre has been renamed as "Centre for Rural and Entrepreneurship Development".


Scheme of Community Development Through Polytechnics (CDTP) which was implemented during 2009 in 189 polytechnics in the Southern Region. The scheme was sponsored by then MHRD, Govt. of India, New Delhi. During FY 2017-18 the scheme has been transferred from MHRD to MSDE. The Scheme aims to uplift the rural youth, the school dropouts, the poor, the downtrodden etc.,
Scheme of Integrating Persons With Disabilities (IPWD) into the main stream of technical and vocational education. Nine Polytechnic Colleges are implementing this scheme in Southern Region.
The Centre used to conduct Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in Entrepreneurship with an objective to train and develop faculty members from universities, engineering colleges and polytechnic colleges involved or likely to be involved in entrepreneurship related activities.

Community Development through Polytechnic Colleges

The major areas of activities under the scheme by the polytechnics are

Need Assessment Survey
Skill Development Training Programmes
Dissemination and Application of Appropriate Technologies
Technical and Support Services
Awareness Programmes

The number of polytechnics in each State implementing the Scheme of CDTP

Andhra Pradesh Telangana Karnataka Kerala Tamil Nadu Puducherry Total
29 18 55 31 55 1 189

Role of NITTTR:   To enable the project personnel associated with the implementation of CDTP scheme in their respective polytechnics, the Centre for Rural and Entrepreneurship Development (CRED) of the institute serves as a resource centre. The Polytechnics carryout the activities based on the Annual Operation Plan (AOP) approved by NITTTR. It conducts orientation training programmes, workshops and annual review of the scheme to verify Physical Achievement Report (PAR). Besides, the CRED assists the MSDE in preparation of various progress reports and the expenditure related matters.

Prof. Dr. S N Panda, Director inspecting one of the Centre implementing CDTP Scheme at Kalamessery,Kerala

Integrating Persons With Disabilities


This Scheme promotes education and training of PWDs in the main stream of technical and vocational education and skill development programmes through formal and non-formal Programme.


Identify suitable education and training programmes for illiterate youth with disabilities, for promoting wage or self employment as far as possible at their place or residence.

Faculty Development Programme


The Centre conducted FDP in Entrepreneurship sponsored by National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India during 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps


With a view to expose students as well as faculty of academic Institutions four camps of 3 days Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EACs) funded by National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development (NSTEDB) were conducted during the FY 2018-19.


Dr.K.S.Giridharan, M.Tech., Ph.D., Professor and Head


    044 – 2254 5481
    994 012 1966


Degree Institution/University Specialization Year
B.E. College of Engineering Guindy Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1999
Masters in HRD University of Madras Human Resource Development 2002
Ph.D. University of Madras Engineering Education 2011


Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) – WIPO certified
Rural Development
Entrepreneurship Development
Pedagogy, Academic Audit
Question Paper Authoring and evaluation


Research Papers
- National Conference – 2
- Journals (both national and International) – 5
Instructional Materials
- For Vocational Education and Training – 21


ISTD (Life member)
Institution of Engineers (Life Member)


MIS Project for CDTP Scheme - National level
Vocational Education and Training – World Bank funded
Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board – RAY –Pilot study
Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan (UBA) - Ongoing


Induction Programme – 80 nos (approx) Engineering colleges
Overseas Training programme – 4


Workshops – 12
Seminars – 7
International Conference – 1

Dr. M. Anil Kumar, Associate Professor
Dr. P. Jakulin Divya Mary, Assistant Professor


    044 -2254 5481


Degree Institution/University Year of the Degree obtained Specialization
B.E. Kamaraj University 1986 Civil Engineering
M.E. Bharathiyar University 1989 Structural Engineering
Ph.D Anna University 2004 Civil Engineering


The Unique Properties of FRP Composites (Especially High Strength to Weight Ratio, Non-Corrosive Characteristics) can be Exploited for the Application in Civil Engineering
Utilization of FRP Reinforcement for Rehabilitation of the Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures
Testing the Prototype Structural Elements in the Laboratory followed by Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of the Same.
The Outcome of the Research has been Published in National and International Journals


Analysis & Design of structures for Earthquake Loads
Finite Element Analysis
Curriculum Development & Evaluation
Human Resource Development
To Adopt Innovative Approaches in Designing Instructional Materials


Thirty two years in Teaching and Training.


“Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams using Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Laminates” The Indian Concrete Journal, December 1999.
“Study of Impact of NITTTR’s Initiatives on the performance of Polytechnics”, Journal of Technical and Vocational Education, Vol.25, No.1&2 – June & December 2000.
“Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Combined Bending and Torsion”, Journal of Civil Engg. and Construction Review, December 2005.


“Analysis of Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Shear Beams using Carbon Fibre Composites”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, International, Vol. 4. 2004.
“Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened for Combined Bending and Torsion: a Numerical Study”, Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering, International, Vol. 7. 2007.


“Polygonal Shaped RCC Water Tower”, National Symposium on Tall Structures, Regional Engineering College, Trichy, 21st & 22nd February, 1995.
“A study on the use of Superplasticizer in Concrete”, National seminar on High Performance Concrete, International Centre for Fibre reinforced Concrete Composites, 21st & 22nd May, 1998.
“Use of Light Gauge Members in Building Construction”, National Seminar on Building Construction Technology for the New Millennium, Indian Building Congress, 22nd & 23rd October 1999.
“Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) and their Application in Civil Engineering”, National Seminar on Building Construction Technology for the New Millennium, Indian Building Congress, 22nd & 23rd October 1999.
“A Finite Element of Landslide Disaster Management by Slope Stitching”, International Conference on Disaster Management, The Institution of Engineers (India), Chandigarh, 18th to 20th November, 2000.
“Behaviour of Zorex fiber Reinforced Concrete – An experimental investigation”, National Seminar on Concrete Tecnology for 21st century, Department of Structural Engineering, Annamalai University, 9th & 10th February, 2001.
“Value Added Utilization of Crushed Rock Dust (CRD) in Concrete”, The Structural Engineering Convention (SEC 2005), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, December 14 -16, 2005.