E-content Development

The advancements in technology and the plethora of powerful and innovative digital devices and tools

Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and counseling services have much wider scope than merely assisting students in making educational and vocational choices.

Learning Management System _ MOODLE

The widespread adoption of Learning Management System (LMS) in education environment has been creating lot of opportunities for educationalists

Quality Assurance through NAAC Accreditation Process

Education is a basic ingredient for achieving full human potential. The world is undergoing rapid changes in the Knowledge landscape.

Student Assessment?

?Student Assessment and Evaluation is an online SWAYAM course specially designed and developed for the AICTE Technical Teacher Training Module

Student Psychology

According to John Adams, ?Teacher should know John as well as Latin?. Here John means student and Latin means content of the teaching. Therefore, it is necessary

OER & Open Education Practices

This course on OER, Open Educational Resource, is meant to create awareness among teachers to the freely available high-quality online instructional resources.