Mechanical Engineering

auto mobile transmission system differential

The simplest automobile transmission is the sliding-spur gear type with three or more forward speeds and reverse. The desired gear ratio is selected by manipulating a shift lever that slides a spur gear into the proper position to engage the various gears.

engineering drawing free hand lettering & numbering

Technical Lettering is a barren piece of engineering drawing. It gives data concerning measures, and guidelines, as notes and measurements. On a drawing, the entire of the composed data is consistently through lettering.

geometric construction 1

Construction" in Geometry means to draw shapes, angles or lines accurately. These constructions use only compass, straightedge (i.e. ruler) and a pencil.

geometrical construction 2

Geometric construction is the process of creating geometric objects using only a compass and a straightedge.

technical drawing orthographic projection

orthographic projection, common method of representing three-dimensional objects, usually by three two-dimensional drawings

universal joint & propeller shaft

When an engine produces power and clutch and transmission convert it into required torque, some assembly is needed to carry this torque to driving axle or usually to rear axle.

wheels of tyres

Tyre brands spend a lot of time in R&D, testing and simulation before releasing new products. Different types of motorised and non-motorised vehicles need different tyres

Clutch Automobile Transmission System

A clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages power transmission, especially from a drive shaft (driving shaft) to a driven shaft.[1] In the simplest application, clutches connect and disconnect two rotating shafts (drive shafts or line shafts).

Construction details of Petrol engine Part 1

An engine or a motor is a machine designed toconvert energy into useful mechanical motion. Heat engines, including I.C. engines and E.C.

Construction details of Petrol engine Part 2

"Engine" was originally a term for anymechanical device that converts force intomotion. T

Dimensioning practice

It is important to remember to place dimensions on the views, in a two or three view drawing, where they will be the most easily understood.

Dynamics of moving vehicle

Vehicle dynamics is a complicated analytical and experimental technology that is used to study and understand the responses of a vehicle in various in-motion situations. In the driver education field, it is not necessary to deal with the specifics of this technology but rather with some of the basic physical principles involved in it.

Engineering Drawing Sectional views

Sectional views are used in technical drawing to expose internal surfaces. They serve to present additional orthographic views of surfaces

Engineering Drawing Special Curves

A section view is a view used on a drawing to show an area or hidden part of an object by cutting away or removing some of that object.

Fabrication welding

The process of welding uses heat and pressure to join metals and other materials together to form new shapes and object

Front Axle Automobile Transmission System

Functions of front axle, Types of front axle, Construction, Stub axle and Wheel bearing, Front wheel steering Geometry

Fuels and Combustion

Fuel is a combustible substance, containing carbon as a main constituent, which on proper burning gives large amount of heat,

Gear box

A Gear Box is often called a transmission. Gear boxes simply refer to a set of gears and their casing, most commonly found in automobiles. Since most motor vehicle engines have high operating and idling speeds

Introduction to Automobiles and Engine Power Cycle Analysis

Haptics Engine Cycle for Playing a Haptics Effect or Sequence In audio applications, HAPTIC_getConversion() first calls the sampleAdcCB() callback to sample the audio signal, and then processes it.

Introduction to Transmission systemAutomobile Transmission System

The mechanism that transmits the power developed by the engine of automobile to the engine to the driving wheels is called the TRANSMISSION SYSTEM (or POWER TRAIN)

Lubrication & Cooling system

Lubrication and Cooling Systems

Performance of I C Engines

Power developed at the output shaft is known as brake power (b.p.), b.p.= 2?NT where, T is Torque in Nm and N is rotational speed in revolutions per second T=WR W=9.81 ? net mass (in kg) applied R=radius in m